Diflucan Purchase

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Diflucan Purchase

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lump of calckim carbide is found in the center. Pharm. Journ., April 11, 1908, 486; from Ber. d. D. Chem. Ges., 41 (1908), 498. Percarbonic Acid Saline Compounds, Richard Wolffenslein and E. Peltner find that when carbon dioxide acts upon an excess of barium dioxide, the gas is absorbed and barium percarbonaie results according to the equation BaOj - CO, BaCOi. When more carbon dioxide is passed in, hydrogen peroxide is rapidly evolved, and the percarbonate is decom- posed as shown by the equation BaCO* + H^O + CO, = BaCO, + H,0,- HCO -7 CO,. Probably the bicarbonate, S^'^hcO** ^^ ^ornied as an intermed- iate product. Thus the formation of hydrogen peroxide from barium peroxide takes place in two stages. Barium percarbonate is a light yellow substance which decomposes when warmed and when allowed to stand in air. With dilute acid it gives hydrogen peroxide^ and hence it is in all probability a true salt of percarbonic acid. The authors have also pre- pared four Sodium Salts of Percarbonic Acid, viz. : Sodium dioxide carbonate, Na,CO< ; sodium dioxide Diflucan Purchase bicarbonate, NajCOe ; sodium trioxide carbon- ate, Na^COs ; sodium trioxide bicarbonate, NaHC04. Sodium dioxide carbonate is prepared by the action of carbon dioxide on sodium dioxide hydrate at a low temperature. It loses oxygen rapidly even in a desiccator and attempts to re-crystallize it have not as yet been successful. The bicarbonate of sodium dioxide results whenNa^COf is saturated with carbon dioxide. It is considerable more stable than the carbonate. The third salt, sodium trioxide carbonate, is obtained when carbon dioxide acts upon sodium trioxide hydrate This hydrate has already been de- scribed by Tafel under the name natryl hydrate, and is formed when alco- Digitized by Google 272 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. hol acts upon sodium peroxide, QHjOH 4- O : Na.ONa = QHs.ONa -h O :- Na.OH. Prolonged action of carbon dioxide upon natryl hydrate gives the bicarbonate, NaHCOi. All these salts are exceedingly easily decom- posed by water. They behave like true percarbonic acid salts, and not like carbonic acid salts with hydrogen peroxide of crystallization. Chem. News., March 20, 1908, 143 ; from Ber. d. Chem. Ges., 41 (1908), No. 2. CYANOGEN COMPOUNDS. Anhydrous Hydrocyanic Acid Cause of Spontaneous Explosion. 'X. PoUacci has observed that small quantities of a black substance invariably adhered to the fragments of glass vials containing anhydrous hydrocyanic acid, which had exploded spontaneously, although carefully kept covered with sand, in a cool place (during winter), and protected from light. This black mass, yielding besides water also ammonium carbonate, the author suggests the polymerization of the hydrocyanic acid as the cause of its spontaneous explosion. Pharm. Ztg., Hi ( 1907), No. 55, 574. Hydrocyanic Acid Nature of the Black Product of its Decomposition, T. PoUacci observes that the nature of the black substance which forms by the slow decomposition of prussic acid has been the subject of much conjecture. A product of somewhat similar appearance is formed by the decomposition which occurs with explosive violence, when the concen- trated acid, 90 to 100 per cent., is stored in glass. This substance is light, black, and shows bright points resembling anthracite. It is con- sidered to be a polymer of HCN. It contains no ammonia, as such. When slowly heated it constantly evolves hydrocyanic acid and aqimonia, until it is dissipated at about 500 C. Pharm. Diflucan Purchase Joum., Febr. 8, 1908^ 151; from Boll. Chim. Farm., 1907, 287, through Joum. de Pharm. et Chim., 27 (1908), 32. Mercuric Cyanide Simple Total Analysis, E. Rupp and F. Lehmann observe that under circumstances it may be of importance to determme the mercury-ion as well as the cyanogen-ion in preparations of mercuric cyanides, instead of basing the result of the analysis upon the figures obtained by the determination of either by Diflucan Purchase itself. These two determina- tions are readily effected by volumetric methods which are based upon the following principle discovered by the authors : The cyanogen-ion can, by means of alkaline iodine solution, be quanti- tatively converted into the cyanic acid-ion according to the following equation : Cy' 4 NalO CyO' -H Nal, and is therefore determinable by means of y^ iodine solution. The mercury is converted into mercury- potassium iodide in alkaline solution, reduced to Diflucan Purchase metal by means of formaldehyde, Diflucan Purchase and then recon- verted into mercuric iodide Diflucan Purchase by means of y"^ iodine solution. For the details of Diflucan Purchase the method the original paper may be consulted in Pharm Ztg., Hi (1907), No. 98, 1020. Digitized by Google MERCURIC OXYCYANIDE. 273 Mercuric Cyanide Economical Preparation, E. Rupp and S. Gay recommend cyanide of sodium, which is now obtainable cheaply and of a high degree of purity (98 per cent.)y for the preparation of mercuric cyanide. To a boiling solution of 31 Gm. of this finely-powdered sodium cyanide in 50 Cc. of water, 90 Gm. of mercuric sulphate is added in small quantities at a time, with constant stirring. The conversion of the latter is quite rapid in the boiling mixture. In case the sand-like precipitate of mercuric cyanide does not show the absence of yellow basic sulphate after a short time, a little more sodium cyanide must be added, until the yellow color disappears. On cooling the mixture congeals to form a solid mass, which is triturated to powder and extracted with about 200 Cc. of hot 95- per cent, alcohol in an extraction apparatus. The alcohol is distilled off and the residue recrystallized from water. In this way the authors have obtained a nearly pure mercuric cyanide in form of long, brilliant white needles. Apoth. Ztg., xxiii (1908), No. 42, 373. Mercuric Oxycyanide Commercial Variability, Attention having been Diflucan Purchase directed to the variable composition of mercuric Diflucan Purchase oxycyanide of the mar- ket, confirming the observations recorded by Holdermann (see Proceed- ings, Diflucan Purchase 1906, 827-828), leads Rupp to describe chemical and physical
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